predotvratit-rastyazhki-vo-vremya-beremennostiMany women during pregnancy no longer take care of their body, but at this moment the skin and hair requires delicate care and attention. How to care for yourself during pregnancy? What tools can be used during this period? Can you do a perm and dye your hair?

Luxurious hair

Hair during pregnancy are growing rapidly, cause to improve the nutrition of cells. Hair become smooth, thick and shiny, but unfortunately this is not at all. Sometimes the hair becomes dry, oily and begin to split.

Greasy hair. Wash your head no more than two or three times a week. Experts recommend using vegetable-based shampoos. Today, many manufacturers have introduced their new line of cosmetics such funds. But you need to use high-quality cosmetic products, such as, for example, an Israeli cosmetics from the Dead Sea, which has recently become popular. Rinse oily hair need a little warm water, and as carefully as possible.

Hair dry and brittle. Use a hydrating mask, for example, cosmetics Sea of ​​Spa, has a range of not only products intended for food, but also for moisture, shine and healthy hair.

During pregnancy is not recommended to dye your hair and make perm hair. If, however, change its appearance so want, then use the paint plant, for example henna.

No belly stretch marks

Caring for the skin need a tummy before he began to grow, and in recent months, the skin will require you to more care, because it is in the short term should be stretched to the limit.

Increase the skin's resistance to the formation of stretch marks (striae), you can help: first, a shower, massage the belly jets of warm water. Second, if there are no medical contraindications, then do a 15-minute warm bath with 2-3 tea spoons of almond oil and 7-8 glasses of milk. Third, after the water treatment gently rub your thighs and stomach with a towel at first, but after agents against stretch marks.

Gently rub the milk, butter or cream, and then gently "nibbling" belly skin inch by inch up to a light redness. If your doctor recommends you wear a bandage should not neglect his advice, he will help you protect tissue from the abdominal stretch and the appearance of scars.

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