pitanie_beremennostOne of the most popular questions during pregnancy, the expectant mother how to eat properly? The first thing to remember is that in many ways the health of mother and baby depends on how and what a woman eats in the state.

The diet of pregnant women must be fully balanced by qualitative and quantitative composition. Below is a list of products that should be a daily diet of the future mother.The prevailing stereotype of centuries, what to eat during pregnancy should be for two, this is just a myth. Overeating is not necessarily, and it is desirable to leave the table with a feeling of light starvation. Excesses in eating not benefit you or your child, so it is always necessary to monitor compliance with these rules.

Every day, a pregnant woman should consume 100-120 grams of protein, of which 70-90, the milk, cottage cheese, cheese, eggs, meat and fish. You also need to eat 80-100, out of which not less than '20 plant. As for carbohydrates, they are in the diet of pregnant women should be about 350-400 grams per day. In the second half of pregnancy, doctors, nutritionists recommend reducing the amount of carbohydrates and increase protein. Since the last trimester of the fetus rather normal weight gain, and excess carbohydrates can cause a large weight baby. During the pregnancy mother and baby in need of full enriched with vitamins and minerals nutrition.

In order to prevent in the future, the emergence of the child diathesis and allergic reactions in the diet of pregnant women should limit the number of exotic products that are not typical for our area. To Mom and baby are healthy teeth, the diet of pregnant should include foods rich in calcium, fluorine and phosphorus. Storehouse of micronutrients such a salt-water fish and dairy products. In addition to the fluorine and phosphorus contained in fish are important for the development of the baby iodine, magnesium, polyunsaturated fatty acids.

From the menu, a pregnant woman must include vegetables, fruits, berries and green-stuff to increase the amount of mineral salts and vitamins in required quantity, not only themselves but also the fetus. If it is impossible to eat such foods as vegetables, fruit, complex pharmacy should consume vitamin supplements. It is advisable to consult about this with a specialist.

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