beremenost-omolagivaetPreviously, scientists believed that pregnancy depletes the body and leads to premature aging. But according to recent investigation, which spent U.S. researchers found that pregnancy and following childbirth is not an old woman and vice versa rejuvenate.


fear of the first birthWhere there is fear of the first birth? From obscurity. New state and unknown consequences. Of course it's scary.

How to tune in?


breastThe first minutes after delivery - special in the life of every woman. You will be able to hold your baby in your arms, and even try to breast feed him.


predotvratit-rastyazhki-vo-vremya-beremennostiMany women during pregnancy no longer take care of their body, but at this moment the skin and hair requires delicate care and attention. How to care for yourself during pregnancy? What tools can be used during this period? Can you do a perm and dye your hair?


pitanie_beremennostOne of the most popular questions during pregnancy, the expectant mother how to eat properly? The first thing to remember is that in many ways the health of mother and baby depends on how and what a woman eats in the state.


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