fear of the first birthWhere there is fear of the first birth? From obscurity. New state and unknown consequences. Of course it's scary.

How to tune in?

1. Find the source of information, preferably a professional, be sure to positively inclined (midwife, consultant, successfully gave birth mom).

2. Obtain reliable information, preferably a positive (I mean about natural childbirth in the first place and about the other options in the following).

3. Close your eyes and ears to any bad information. You must be able to filter information, and to exclude that which does not carry anything rational, and based on narrow-minded fears.

4. Enroll and attend training courses (preferably with a partner) - there you will get useful and relevant information, and possibly even a rehearsal of labor (and when to rehearse, the fact is not so bad :)).

5. Maintain a healthy lifestyle (swimming pool, fitness - help prepare the body). This is perhaps one of the most important points. It should be understood from the beginning of pregnancy and to engage the entire period. Of the many different parts that develops a healthy lifestyle. For example, water treatment, which must be not only useful but also enjoyable. Now for this pastime, there are many ways: showers, swimming pools and spas.

6. Wait for the upcoming meeting with a small sun with pleasure. Prepare (buy all sorts of cute little things, furniture, accessories), talk (you can even write a letter to him and read bedtime stories and sing lullabies.)

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