breastThe first minutes after delivery - special in the life of every woman. You will be able to hold your baby in your arms, and even try to breast feed him.

 If you are not able to take your baby, such as after a cesarean section, or simply too tired after giving birth, do not worry - your baby will immediately all the necessary medical care. The first moments can not be called critical. Ahead of you are waiting for a week, for years when you have to constantly worry about the child, to learn more and more of his love.

Seeing your child in the first minutes after birth, you may not immediately feel that you were expecting. Along with the joy of what you've given new life to the world, you may feel anxiety, fear, alienation from the baby. Many women take time to exhibit deep feelings for the child, the true affection. Maybe a newborn apparently will not be what you imagined it. It is often covered with slippery white grease called verniks, which protects the skin inside the uterus. It may be a little stretched because the head passes through the birth canal, closed his eyes with swollen eyelids. His skin may be reddish, bluish or gray, covered with spots. Most babies born, begin to cry.

Immediately after birth all the medical personnel who took part delivery is included in the work to ensure the health of your baby. First of all, using the suction device removes mucus from the nose and mouth. In the eyes instill a special solution to prevent infection and lubricate them with antibiotic ointment. The doctor will check the infant's heart, convinced of his normal breathing, measure his height and weight. Your baby will immediately demonstrate the presence of a congenital reflexes (grasping, sucking), reaction to light and noise. Although most babies are born perfectly healthy, though there may be unexpected complications. The most common problem in infants - respiratory failure, including shortness of breath, participation in the respiratory movements of the intercostal spaces, a bluish tinge to the skin. If your child has had some difficulty with breathing, it is placed in the intensive care unit in the same hospital or transported to another hospital in the department of pathology of newborn infants.

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